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I’m pleased at the response of many celebrities and Public Figures uniting with the family of Trayvon Martin and speaking out about the unjust way Trayvon’s case has been handled. Some are not speaking out they have kept “mum” on the case, and that’s their choice their right, I don’t hold it against them one bit. Some are expressing outrage at those that are not speaking out against the flaw in our Judicial System that has allowed Zimmerman to remain a free person.  Oprah has been very vocal about this case. Rev. Al Sharpton, via marches, rallies and protest,  Michael Baisden, via his radio show and Roland Martin on Twitter and CNN discussions an on their individual FB and other sites they are over, seem to be the most outspoken I’ve heard thus far about this case. Michael Moore has spoken out about the unjust way this case has been handled and Chaka Khan has or is in the works of doing a song in tribute for the Martin family. For all those not speaking I wonder why but I don’t nor will I hold it against them. Why should I better yet why should we? Until President Obama spoke on the issue their was anger and resentment for him because he was “mum” on the case. We have many people expressing outrage about this case I don’t see this case getting quietly swept under the rug so I thank those that speak out but I respect those that choose not to do so at this time or never.