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I have not watched any portion of Nancy Grace since the Trenton Duckett case wherein Trenton’s mom committed suicide taking whatever info. on Trenton’s whereabouts with her. Real quick Trenton has not been found and reward leading to information of where Trenton is is available, just call Crime-line this child has been missing since 2006, its past time for him to come home. Now via CNN.com I saw a portion of Nancy Grace show where she cut the mic on on Taffy, one of Zimmerman’s friend/neighbor/co-watchmen. She didn’t cut the mic when Taffy denied Zimmerman saying f’n C#$n he say he was saying it was cold despite the fact that it was almost 70 degrees, Zimmerman was wearing a jacket and he was running so not likely he was cold. She only cut the mic when Taffy would not allow the other man that was on her show speak, he kept rudely interrupting. Way to go Nancy not saying I will watch continously but possibly from time to time I respect her cut throat, not playing the music mindset however, we have to know the limits, and not cross that invisible line that can do harm to a case rather than help the case as in Trenton’s mom killing herself and not leaving any information as to where Trenton could be. Again call Crime-line if you have any information leading to the location of Trenton Duckett he was 2 years of age at the time he went missing.