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The Funeral Director that handles the deceased body of Trayvon Martin says Trayvon’s body showed no signs of hacing had been in a fight, if so it would have been his job to cover up the wounds. There were no marks on his knuckles and nowhere else on his body except the gunshot would to Trayvon’s chest and we all know where that came from. Per Robert Zimmerman George Z’s father George is victim also. HOW?? Where are these people who are “defending/speaking on the behalf” of G. Zimmerman get this stuff from. R. Zimmerman denies the phone call with Trayvon and his girlfriend, yet phone records confirm the call was active at the time the incident was occurring. Then you have the long term friend found to be paid to speak on behalfl of Zimmerman. All I have to say to those speaking on behalf of George Zimmerman, keep on talking because all you’re doing is showing Zimmerman is surrounded by people who are willing to lie on his behalf and we already know he will lie for himself.  YOU CAN’T TRUST EM, YOU CAN’T TRUST EM, YOU CAN’T TRUST EM. I think Madea said that or someone in Tyler Perry’s Productions. Actually the scene was talking about men, but it’s okay, you get the point.