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ImageLet’s Keep Our Children Smiling they really are the future!!

The First line of this song Whitney Houston sang was; “I BELIEVE THE CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE” the last line was “FIND YOUR STRENGTH IN LOVE” Love is not what’s killing our children HATE IS. EVERYDAY. EVERYDAY, SEVERAL TIMES A DAY there are news reports of MISSING CHILDREN, RAPED CHILDREN, MURDERED CHILDREN. OUR FUTURES are leaving us way too soon. Parents are left to pick up the pieces after they have buried their child. This just isn’t the way things were supposed to be. I am outraged over the SENSELESS MURDERS, RAPES, NEGLIGENCE in the DEATHS OF OUR CHILDREN. We spend way too time Praying to GOD for this Praying to GOD for that stuff if we don’t have we can and our children can survive without but WHO’S PRAYING FOR THE SAFETY AND WELL-BEING OF OUR CHILDREN. Earlier tonight on the news a father beat his newborn baby to death. You got Trayvon Martin a 17 year old child killed, Ervin Jefferson he was 18 the law says he’s an adult but I have a 21 year old and he’s still MY CHILD, so at 18 ERVIN JEFFERSON WAS STILL A CHILD, Larie Butler 17 years of age a CHILD missing for just under a week found dead, possiby murdered not by the hands of a stranger but a “18 year family friend”. We have babies from ONE DAY OLD only up to their TEENS. An only the sad to say it but only the LUCKY ONE’S make it beyond their teens without being, RAPED, OR HARMED IN SOME WAY OR MURDERED. It’s sad an utterly heart breaking when other children kill other children but it’s a pain of a different kind when ADULTS PREY ON OUR  CHILDREN!!! If our children are to “FIND STRENGTH IN LOVE” then we better START LOVING OUR CHILDREN a whole lot BETTER THAN WE HAVE BEEN. Get off of this THAT’S NOT MY CHILD, syndrome, IF IT’S NOT YOUR CHILD COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS BUT THEN HANDLE THE SITUATION AS IF IT WAS YOUR CHILD. THE STATE OF OUR CHILDREN IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF US ALL. You’re not the parent grieving today but that don’t mean you won’t be the parent grieving tomorrow. We really gotta do better FOR THE SAKE OF ALL OF OUR CHILDREN!!!! May these babies find the PEACE IN DEATH WE FAILED TO GIVE THEM IN LIFE. PROTECT OUR CHILDREN NOT JUST YOUR CHILD BUT ALL OF OUR CHILDREN. BE BLESSED AN ALWAYS REMEMBER TO BE A BLESSING TO OUR CHILDREN an OUR ELDERLY if no one else.