I opened Q.U.E. on the 9th day of March 2012. I guess I had minimal expectations. I didn’t anticipate more than 25 people to come to this site by April 1, 2012, with maybe 1-3 followers an a hand full of comments on various Topics. I didn’t expect no more than 50 Twitter followers. My Facebook site Facebook.com/Que274 has not met my expectations yet, I know it’s still early an I will not give up besides this blog site and Twitter has far exceeded any expectations I may have came up with. Unfortunately the main topic of this site was the Justice for Trayvon Martin and his family I posted a couple of weeks back. It was a heartbreaking situation then and still is. Justice for Trayvon and his family has yet to be served. I’m looking forward to the day I will be able to post Zimmerman’s arrest and for murder not manslaughter. I’m looking forward to next month and many months after that blogging with each an everyone of you. I thank you for the Wonderfully amazing start.Don’t forget to tell your family and friends about us, follow Q.U.E sites and most importantly of all, come back again, TY. Be Blessed an Always Remember to be a Blessing to Someone Else!! We have a long journey ahead of us but since we have Q.U.E. we can’t help but to succeed.