Mike Tyson during a visit to a show said that he was a “horrible parent”. Originally when I heard that he had said this I thought to myself, ” well at least he’s honest about, and not in the closet with it”. Then as I sat and watched the a portion of the interview the emotion on Mike’s face as he spoke not only about the death of his daughter but the other parents that were at the same hospital he knew were grieving the loss of a child as well. Mr. Tyson may have disappointed his children on many levels and didn’t satisfy his duties as a parent in the past, he’s on the right track now. The first step to doing better is admitting your wrongs. Tyson no longer seem to be making excuses for his sporadic and highly inappropriate behavior at times, he’s doing the opposite. He’s Q,U,E. and seem to be living his best life for it. Keep up the great job Mike.