S/O to my daughter she nicknamed herself “Pretty Girl” she has been “A”/”B” or “AB” Honor Roll since the 1st Grade she is now in 3rd Grade. Every year Every Semester an I am so very proud of her achievements. If you have or know a child that has made Honor Roll and would like to give them a S/O do so. First name an or nicknames only please. For those that have yet to make Honor Roll just try a little bit harder, YOU TOO CAN MAKE HONOR ROLL. Play less games read more books she reads about 15-20 books minimum per month. However if a “C” is your absolute best and you’ve given it your all and you know you can’t do any better than be proud of that “C” but never stop trying to do better. HARD ‘C” S/O TAKEN HERE TOO. So S/O to my 7TH Grader he’s had 1 “C” and he does work hard to get rid of it so good job “Kay-9” he nicknamed himself as well, let’s pull it up.  If you have a “D” or lower step your game up. Study, Study, STUDY. You really can do better and you’re worthy. Happy Friday 13TH:)