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Can’t successfully operate as a “normal” hotel so let’s become a nudist only hotel, oh to bring in more money let’s make sure parents bring they children. Children are targeted as sexual beings WITH THEIR CLOTHES ON, for a child to be roaming around in the NUDE is just a sexual assault waiting to happen. Okay so single men won’t be denied they just have to register ahead of time and submit to a background. Really?!! Oh, only people who have been arrested commit sexual offenses, GT!OH. Too many people not only single men not only single individuals are sexually assaulting children, and they have yet to get caught. This is a very bad, stupid criminal pending, child exploitative, child endangerment, idea. This place will become a sex offenders haven. Only a matter of time before the money rolling in will override the safety of the children that maybe on their property and the “pre-screening” practice will be history not that I believe any pre-screening would help protect children from harm. Then to make matters “better” next door is a X Rated Store, great, just great. Florida just never cease to amaze. Dare I ask, but what will they think of next?