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IMAGINE HER MISSING HER TWO FRONT TEETH. Isabel Celis, 6 missing from Tucson, Arizona

Isabel Mercedes Celis parents went on national TV and made a public plea for Isabel’s safe return. I don’t know about them. The mom did have the tears but questionable body language but the father in my opinion is just questionable. Watching him talk all I saw was that Smith lady who killed her children and then said a black man had kidnapped and murdered her children. Susan Smith I googled her back in October of 1994 Smith reported she had been carjacked by a black man, went on TV pleading for her children’s safe return only for her to later confess that she had drowned her children in the car in a Lake. I have a bad feeling about this case now, I can only hope and pray I am wrong, but I strongly believe dad knows more than what he’s saying and mom is part of a cover up. He’s told her something. Reportedly approximately 225 feet away from the Celis home is a surveillance camera pointing in the direction of their home so I’m hoping the video recordings will be able to reveal where Isabel is and she will be found safely.