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pic Via TylerPerry.com

Many try to clown on Tyler Perry but what no one can take away from him is the fact that he employed the unemployable. There is a report of a 4 alarm fire at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta. I am hoping the fire gets under control quickly and the loss is minimal. There’s a report of a building collapsing, I’m hoping this isn’t true, I also hope it isn’t a result of arson, his home has been burglarized people hate on what they don’t understand. On the other hand people try to take what they won’t work to have. He took to the streets and gave jobs to the “invisible” but talented people in various states. He’s created more jobs without seeking any political seat in any given state and he didn’t make any undelivered promises. I find hope in Tyler Perry, he was homeless but, look at him now, he’s a Millionaire. He not only helped himself, he continues to help others. Q.U.E, give credit where credit is due, and it’s not funny that his studio is on fire. I fail to understand the thought process of some people.