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If you HONESTLY suspect abuse, please file an Official Report. Be Persistent
Don’t file a report because you’re upset with someone, that would be a false report.

Most often we as adults have the presumption of safety, in our homes and so should our children. Yet this is not the case, many of our children are harmed by their parents, other family member and/or friends in the safety of their home. We send our children to school another place where children believe they are safe again history has shown this is not the case. Our children are raped and killed by those they thought would keep them safe. More has to be done to ensure the safe well-being of our children. I’m not pointing fingers, because I don’t know why some children go missing but be weary of who you permit in your home an around your family more so your children an elderly. Listen to your children don’t dismiss them so quickly if at all. You may not want to face what they are telling you, but at least investigate to see if it’s true. You have one fool traveling various states to get to California to rape a 3-year-old child, a mom who is pimping out her child, what are children to do. Another scold her child with hot water because the baby only a few days old would not stop crying. Our children are under attack and they are losing the war and the battle, they are dying. Placing them in Protective Custody isn’t much better they are harmed by foster parents and/or they just get lost. The State of Florida has been able to quietly handle the Rilya Wilson case. Rilya has been missing for the last 10+ years and is now presumed dead. She went missing while in the custody of the Department of Children and families (DCF). Rilya was given to a caregiver, who failed to care for her and DCF failed to make timely visits to the home to do well checks on Rilya. The caregiver has been charged with the murder of Rilya people were fire demoted, Rilya’s body has never been found. I don’t know if parenting classes would help or what but something has to be done. I can’t begin to imagine the pain that I believe the 7 day old infant went through as his mother ran hot water on his little body. I can only hope the 4 children who died in a house fire because their mom irresponsibly discarded burned pictures of her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend, I can only hope none of those children suffered from the fire itself, I can only hope they died from smoke inhalation. For those of you who have abused a child in the past get help. If you are into Child Pornography, CHILDREN ARE NOT SEX OBJECTS IF YOU FIND YOURSELF WANTING TO BE WITH A CHILD, YOU NEED TO GET YOURSELF HELP AND STAY AWAY FROM ALL CHILDREN, FOREVER. Q.U.E., we all are responsible for the safety of children, regardless of who the parent of the child is. Adolescents and Teenagers stay home obey your parents their was a write up at http://www.democratandchronicle.com/ about young ladies who were sex slaves. One girl ran away from home only to find herself controlled by someone who did not have her best interest put her on the streets, abused her, and forced her to work for money. Boys/young men girls and young ladies are not the only one’s at risk this can and has happened to young boys/men as well. Obey your parents if something is going on or if someone touches you inappropriately or makes you feel uncomfortable, tell someone anyone. Mom, Dad, Police Officer, call 911, your brother, sister, friend really should tell an adult but, just tell someone if they threaten to harm you or your family they are already harming you, and most likely just telling you that to keep you quiet. Your more likely to be safe if you tell someone and hopefully in telling you will never be around that person again. Schools. Doctors, Police Officers, Counselors and more are mandated reporters meaning they must report the abuse they are told about. Be Blessed, Be a Blessing to others, and protect our children. Q.U.E., do what you can do.