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I LIKE, I UNLIKE, I Follow, I Unfollow don’t get it but, OKAY

I know I’m new to this blogging thing and there are a long list of positives associated with it but there’s one thing I’ve noticed that happens often, too often. If I like your page I like your page regardless of if it’s FB, Twitter, or here at WordPress. On Twitter I tend to follow anyone who follows Q.U.E., with only a few exceptions. However if I initiate a follow it’s because I like the page. These Blogs and FB sites are a little more personal. If I follow someone’s Blog or FB page it’s because I like the page you follow or LIKE my page back, fine you don’t again fine. It doesn’t change the fact that I like your page. Is it possible someone can explain the concept of the follow get followed back then unfollow ideology. Then again not all things are meant to be fully explained. Twitter was the worst with this, it hasn’t occurred too often lately, I guess it’s gotten better. Oh well! Okay, I’m done I’m over it, gotta be me.