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What is happening to our children? What are we missing? A 14-year-old boy hangs his sister to a tree and kills her she’s just 9 years old she was this young mans  half-sister this happened in Alabama. Because he is a juvenile his identity is currently being withheld but he may be charged as an adult in the near future  because it appears this was not an accident. Both of these children were in Foster care, therefore their true relationship is under investigation. Everyday a child is missing, murdered, raped, abused in someway, every single day something is happening to our babies. I just don’t know, but these kids need help and they are not getting the help they are in desperate need of. Cuts in Education programs, elimination of neighborhood recreational centers, and many others are not helping our youth, it’s doing irreversible damage. Parents/Guardians Q.U.E., watch those that you are supervising don’t enjoy the peace and quiet too long find out why they are so quiet. Have them play quietly in your presence, things just have to change our babies cannot continue to suffer and pay the consequences for our lack of action.