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To all the men who are not only there for ALL of their children and taking full responsibility for ALL of their children, but who is taking the time to be there for someone else’s children. Q.U.E., salute you as well.

For all you beautiful Mother’s out there, enjoy your day. If your child is no longer here with you our prayers are with you today but know, you are love, and you are loved and Q.U.E, wishes you a very special Happy Mother’s Day, Be Blessed and Be a Blessing to Others. Protect our Babies/children

Sometimes we forget and take our parents for granted. No parent is perfect, no human being is perfect. Remember that as we celebrate Mother’s day today. If you have life, you need to hug and Thank your Mother for that. She did have other alternatives. Happy Mother’s Day Mom’s, Dad’s, God Parents, Aunts, Uncles, etc….., enjoy and Be Blessed!