R.I.P. Hanna B. and Sam W.

Today turned out to be an awful long day. First came word that my 3 cousins father had passed, we knew he was sick an under Comfort Care, my heart ached for them, I knew their pain an all they were enduring. I was there when my dad went on comfort care and passed in 2010. But when less than 10 hours later I get word that their mom was now gone too, I had no words. I didn’t know what to say. I just hurt for them. What do you say to people who woke up with 2 parents and by the time they rest their eyes both of their parents would be gone. Embrace your parents an all their imperfections, life goes so fast. If you can’t live with them, you may find, you can’t survive without em’ so it’s a good idea to try to coexist with them for as long as you can, for as long as you are Blessed with the opportunity to do so. These 3 have a long road ahead of them, they will have good days, bad days followed by what they will perceive to be the worst days of their lives, but they’ll get through it. They are stronger than they think they are, and they have more love and support than they ever knew. Eventually those days will be replaced with the remembrance of the Love, Joy, and Happy Times they shared with their mom and dad. Don’t let guilt of what you could have, would have nor should have done for your or with your parents prevent you from accepting the circle of life.