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Their faces say it all!!

Brian Banks and his parents. Please show your support hit the LIKE Button

Brian Banks a young man who was accused of a rape that he did not commit has been exonerated. There is a FB page that has been setup for him to receive the Scholarship he lost from UFC as a result of the rape claim. Brian spent 6 years in prison until the young lady Wanetta Gibson admitted she had lied. Please support this young man’s site the link is https://www.facebook.com/FightOnForBrianBanks hit the LIKE Button he is just 26 years of age he has some good years ahead of him. I’m sure he’s felt like the world was against him while he sat in prison knowing this girl had lied on him and he was found guilty anyways. Let’s support this young man as best we can get his life back. So happy for him and his parents.