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” I should not have been arrested, I did not punch or choke my daughter” Okay, but he should have jacked her behind up. I had more respect for him when it was said he did, because  I saw a clip of him saying he didn’t, and I saw where his body language showed some deception. I believe him when he say he didn’t punch her, because I agree with him do believe his punching her would have caused her some form of injury or bruising and the only bruise was a scratch on her neck, and his daughter is saying it happened when her father choked her. Her father is saying it’s an old wound. Either way, she cannot go on thinking that her behavior is acceptable. She cannot go on thinking it’s okay to attack her parents, and she cannot think that she at 15 years of age she can do what other parents allow their 15-year-old to do, and she cannot do what older teens or young adults do. It just really goes on to show you, it doesn’t matter if you’re, Rich parents raising children or Poor parents raising children, raising children, especially TEENS and YOUNG ADULTS can bring about trying times, into your life. Q.U.E., be a parent to your children NOT THEIR FRIEND. So much has happened in the last couple of days, I must catch up.