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He was my favorite on Criminal Minds. I could use his assistance now. 

We leave little clues about ourselves in everything we do. The decisions we make and how we go about our daily lives. Sometimes we raise flags, do something fairly extreme. What some, in this case I, view not normal. Your wife, my sister goes in for knee replacement surgery due to various circumstances she finds herself in ICU,  she’s finally alert and you take your medicine and med case out to the hospital for her to prepare. She can’t and her nurse does it. You call her mother telling her mother about your ailments and she has to ask you how is my daughter doing. You call her 83-year-old mother who basically has use of one hand, and gets around by use of a walker that you need help in taking care of her, even tho’ she’s not home and by the time she gets home her daughter and Grandson will be there with y’all. Also spending time at the hospital with her and learning what needs to be done will also help in taking care of her once she is home. An if you need/want my assistance going through my mother is not the way to go, talk to me directly. This behavior is speaking volumes an at some point I’ll sit down and figure it all out, right now I’m too busy moving. My dad wasn’t a perfect man, but he was in his 80’s when my mom had a stroke. I had to force him to go home, and that was after a couple of days once one of my sisters had driven down and was able to stay at the hospital with my mom. I know different strokes different folks but if he could do it, this man 20 years younger than him can do so as well. Oh well, I guess I’ve vented enough time for me to go and check on her. Have a good day people. Be Blessed and Be a Blessing to others.