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To all the Wonderful, Faithful Father’s around the world, Have a Blessed
Father’s Day!!!

This is my 2ND Father’s Day without my dad. It’s amazing how time gets away from us. My dad was a father to 13 children, but he was there for hundreds of children. Since the opportunity of making new memories with my dad is now a thing of the past, it’s my reflection of the past that I am most grateful for. I was Blessed with such a wonderful Father. I never knew life without him, until the day he died. He was in his 80’s, I was in my 30’s an even still there are times I smell his cologne, an I know he’s with me in his own way. Over the years I have countless memories of my father. My dad was into Baseball an I was into my dad. We’d go to The Red Wings Stadium in Rochester, NY, I think that’s what it was called back then. He didn’t really like to take me because I would always ask for something and I didn’t want to sit still:) Yet from time to time we would go. I remember sitting down on his lap and his looking down at me, not realizing or fully capturing or appreciating the sparkle in his eye as he smiled at me, kissed me on my cheek then sent me on to play with the other children.  Whether I was in the same room with my dad or in another State from my dad, I could always feel my father’s love. Even when I did something wrong, and got into trouble. He’d chastise me, but then later sit me down an explain to me what I did wrong and what I should do to ensure I didn’t do it again. I am so grateful to God for Blessing me with such a wonderful father and for the enriched years we were allowed together. Even tho’ he’s no longer here with me, I still must send a special Happy Father’s Day, to an amazing man, my Dad. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!!! I will never forget you. Don’t forget to show love to your father on this special day, an everyday. Time goes so fast and no matter how long they are with you, it’s never, long enough. There will come a time when Memories, is all you’ll have. So make some special Memories, starting NOW, Q.U.E.

Let’s Keep doing a great job Ladies.