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Severely raped a 9 Month old Baby, The baby had to have Colon surgery because of what this animal did to her at just NINE MONTHS OLD

24-year-old Richard Dallas of Lyons NY raped a 9 month old baby, he has been found guilty and will be sentenced for his crime. The baby who is now 15 months old is in foster care and said to be doing “well”. Come on people, LADIES, we have got to do better. The paper D&C doesn’t state his relationship to the child but too many ladies I know of some personally meet someone on Friday and then leave their children with this person while they go to work Saturday or Sunday. Q.U.E, To get to know someone takes Months to Years +, not Minutes to Hours. Just because you risk your life doesn’t mean you risk the well-being of your family, and just because someone knows your name doesn’t make them trustworthy. Especially around those that can’t even tell you what is going on. I say LADIES, but MEN you need to be just as vigilant and watch who you bring around your family as well. A woman was charged earlier this year for the molestation of her “boyfriends” 7-year-old son. There are some highly sick individuals that walk among us and they come in all shapes, sizes,races,creed, colors, social/economic, status,etc… Your new “Boo” is not the person to supervise your children unsupervised. And to be totally honest neither is a long-lost relative. I don’t Grandfather anybody in, no one gets a pass. I must know you and trust you undoubtedly and know that if necessary my children will show up unscathed even if “you” have suffered great bodily harm or death. Again I don’t know how this man knew this child, she could have very well been his own child, I don’t know but like I said, nobody gets a pass. Trust is earned, an is a privilege not a right that must be maintainedd. He tried to plead insane but the Court didn’t fall for it he’s not insane he didn’t rape an adult he stole the innocence of a poor defenseless baby, that took some forethought on his part. R. Dallas will be sentenced on July 17, 2012 and is to go before Judge Dennis Kehoe, a Wayne County NY Judge he is facing on one count 15 years to life an on another count 25 years to life, neither is satisfactory to me. Below you will find his contact information (the judge) if you’d like to petition the court for Rapist Richard Dallas to receive more time for the brutal rape of this 9 Month old Baby;

Hon. Dennis Kehoe

Wayne County Court (M B)
54 Broad Street
Lyons, NY 14489
(315) 946-5459

Let’s do better people. Don’t leave your children with just anyone. Everybody wearing a suit is not good an everyone wearing baggy pants is not bad. Put the time in, get to know people before you leave your most precious asset with anyone, YOUR CHILD(REN). Just so thankful that the baby is “ok” and most likely too young to remember what has already occurred in her very young life. Keep this young child and many others in your prayers.