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As a young girl growing up a picture like this sat on my dresser right in the middle. This picture was the first thing I saw in the morning and the last thing I saw at night, I was a major Michael Jackson fan.

Surrounding the perimeter of my mirror which was attached to my dresser were sticker photos of MJ. Side to Side, top to bottom. My parents must have thought I was crazy.

Even tho’ over the years I had kind of “outgrown” Michael Jackson, I was saddened by his passing. How many people fell on their faces trying to re-create this moment from MJ?

MJ captured every generation with his singing and dancing ability. I remember when I told my daughter MJ died, she was 6 at the time, the first thing she said softly, “he was a great dancer”. No one can ever deny that. R.I.P. in MJ and thanks for the memories.

I had just gotten in from work, when my cell phone rung, it was my Best Friend and she said, “girl have you heard the news”, I said yeah I heard she died, it was announced on TV before I left work. She asked me who was I talking about I told her Farrah Fawcett, we talked about Farrah for a moment then she said so you haven’t heard about Michael Jackson…, what about em’? He was rushed to the hospital people saying he on life support only until his family gets there then they pulling the plug, WHAT!!! Then she hollered girl turn your TV on. I didn’t have cable at the time so I grabbed my laptop went to CNN’s page, we hung up,and I used my cell phone for updates as well. I was in disbelief.

It’s amazing where our minds go, when things happen with well-known people. My mom remembers the day Mahalia Jackson died, but you ask her what she had for breakfast yesterday, she wouldn’t be able to recall. I remember the day Farrah Fawcett and MJ died but to say what I was wearing yesterday well not yesterday but maybe a day or two before, I couldn’t tell ya.

This was the MJ that stole my heart. He was very handsome, and when he smiled you had to smile back. We loved his nose, his skin, his natural beauty way more than he could ever.