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Actually NC-17 is more appropriate for this movie.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) film rating company need their heads examined. Earlier this year there was a major disturbance about the Documentary movie Bully. Well I had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the movie I had rented from Blockbuster online to arrive~ Transformers: Dark of the Moon it has a rating of PG-13, HOW!! There were more curse words in the first 30 minutes than I have said all month. Right about the 30 minute mark I just had to say NO, this is too much. Bully a movie these young people need to see due to the issues they face the MPAA wanted to hit with a “R” rating but a movie for entertainment purpose only, gets a PG-13 when it clearly should have had a “R” rating. I don’t know, maybe some parents allow their children to use vulgar language at such a young age, but I don’t. My son who turned 22 yesterday, still does not swear in my presence. Do he, I’m sure! but not in my presence and he doesn’t allow his friends to do so either an again he’s 22. I’m almost 40 an I don’t swear in my mom presence. MPAA get it together, how can you try to slap Bully with a rating of “R” an allow Transformers a mere rating of PG-13. Needless to say this movie is going right back to Blockbuster tomorrow. You can’t drop the “F” bomb on daytime TV but it’s dropped all over a PG-13 Movie REALLY, MPAA??? This is part of the reason why I don’t go to the movies, Cat in The Hat taught me. The movie theaters cost way too much money to buy tickets for a family of 4-5 and then you end up leaving early because of the inappropriate language or performance in a PG or PG-13 film. Many are asking, what’s wrong with these young people today?? Do ya really wanna know, well part of the problem is making them grow up before their time. If they can watch it, then they can act out what they see. Children walking around looking grown, so they think they can act grown. Truly it isn’t totally the MPAA’s fault, if we stop supporting these films the MPAA won’t need to tell them to tone it down, the lack of earned income will tell them to tone it down. I know people are saying well they are swearing anyways, don’t care. Some are smoking, drinking and committing suicide but I’m not going to buy their cigarettes, alcohol or the cartridge for the gun either. Quit Using Excuses and stop letting these people TELL US WHAT WE ARE GOING TO LET OUR CHILDREN WATCH.  OUR MONEY is OUR VOICE!!! If we don’t spend it, they are going to do what they can to find out why, and what they can do to make us willing to spend it again. USE YOUR VOICE!