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Black people, it’s time we get our priorities in check. According to WDKX.com Mary J. Blige apologized during a visit to HOT 97 in NY about how people Blacks reacted to her singing during a Burger King AD about Chicken. I personally I don’t see an issue, but I do have an issue with rappers that glorify drugs, gangs an any other illegal, negative, activities that plague the Black community.

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Don’t get me wrong, back in the day I enjoyed Snoop’s music an I’m not hating on Snoop today but I’m using him to make a point. That’s smoke coming out of his mouth, not fog and Snoop does not explain nor hide his drug use in his songs nor in his everyday life. Drugs has plagued the Black community for decades, our people are killing, dying, suffering and going to prison as a result of the drugs in our communities. Yet it’s acceptable, acceptable for artist, mostly rappers to rap about the drugs, gangs, violence and so much more which negatively affect our Black people, but Mary J. sings about Chicken she’s an outcast. Why is that. She sings about Chicken and we become concerned with how White people view us or judge us based on what we eat but not how we act. I’m missing something, or maybe I’m not the one missing it.

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No, he’s not funny, he’s a great business man, gotta give em that. But that’s all he’s going to get from me. One would think as someone who has survived bullets  piercing his body at one time, NINE TIMES he would not glorify violence. When 50 cent hit the scene his beats caught my attention but, once I sat and paid attention to what he was saying, he was forever banned in my home an I lost total respect for him. In one of his songs he want to be loved as we love Pac, well we know Pac/2PAC is dead shot and killed. Who would want that legacy. I didn’t like 2PAC either as an entertainer until he did Brenda’s Got a Baby, Dear Mama and some of his other Political message songs. 50 Cent in my opinion is into himself and not into helping others and definitely not into what’s going to benefit the Black Community, but he’s not alone.

Photo courtesy of People.comDon’t understand why this came out so small but DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith. Not too sure what DJ Jazzy Jeff is up to these days but Will Smith who first came out as a Rapper now does more acting than Rapping. Why?, one could only assume because he was not well received as a Rapper because his Albums or CD’s doesn’t come with an Explicit Lyrics Warning. I enjoyed their music in the 80&90’s and still listen to today. 

Black people if we want a change in our communities we must change what we allow an receive in our homes. Violence, drugs, gangs, etc.. is everywhere. Television, whether it’s a movie or a TV special or Series children shows not excluded. Games, Board games, Video games in particular violence is extreme. Then they hear the violence in music. So what do we find that we have extreme cases of Drugs, violence among other things in our communities. The biggest issue plaguing Black People has nothing to do with chicken, eating it or singing about eating it. Get real!! Truly Quit Using Excuses to justify the foolishness. Children, OUR BLACK CHILDREN, more so than any other race, or ethnic group are gunned down everyday on the streets but we complain about a chicken AD. More people are killed here on the Streets in America than any war America has fought in. Q.U.E., an if you’re going to complain about something, make it a worthwhile complaint, for the record chicken isn’t a worthwhile complaint.