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So many thoughts, too little time.

What a sad state of affairs. So much World Hunger, poverty, people in need of help to pay for their medical expenses, children are dying via violence and/or medical conditions and need to be buried and despite all the fundraising efforts, money is hard to raise. Then we have a grown man who hunts down a child murders him and plead to the public for money to assist with his defense fund and people actually give. Innocent people need help, “I don’t have any money”, people who do wrong need help and they can afford a One Million Dollar Bond via donated money. Have we all gone mad.

Quit Using Excuses

My everyday environment is not what I would like it to be. I force myself to be content, DAILY. I do what I can to ensure my children are at the very least CONTENT. Sacrificing for others, especially when they would prefer and/or expected someone else to make the much-needed sacrifice is downright hard. Having multiple siblings is even harder. One sibling CANNOT keep another sibling from spending time with their parent. I’ve battled with various siblings (mostly my sisters) to ensure they do not LIE to my only living parent, my mother about me. Don’t understand why females tend to keep so much drama My mother know me better than any of my siblings EVER could. Despite the fact, that I would like to be doing other things with my life, I make a DAILY SACRIFICE to be where I am for my mother. This is why getting rid of this weight is one thing I would be doing for me and me only. Out of the 24 hours in everyday I may spend 1-2 thinking about myself. Bottom line if you want to spend time with your mother, you will. Quit blaming others for why you won’t do what you don’t want or more importantly why you won’t do what you NEED to do. Q.U.E.

Who will speak for you, when you can’t?

When one has a spouse we believe that spouse will do what is best in the interest of their spouse. I’ve learned that is not always the case. I absolutely commend my niece for putting forth great effort, and sacrifice to come down here to FL from NY in spite of the battle with her mom’s husband. Ideally the spouse would be the best person to speak on the behalf of the other spouse and the best person to provide any an all needed care, however there are times when one must FACE the FACT that the spouse who should be by their side, isn’t and risking their good health or life isn’t worth the denial. I know there are times our judgement is off, for some loneliness gets the best of you. Just know whose name your taking or who you are giving your name but more importantly your heart and who you are turning your life over to. Don’t let anyone come before your care nor cause friction between you and your child.

I’m still thinking, my mind doesn’t stop but I’m going to take a break. Everyone has a great weekend and a very Blessed night.