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Well D.H. Lawrence, this is going to be real “HOT”!!!

Raising children was never said to be easy, at least I’ve never heard anyone say it was an easy job. In fact I’ve heard more people say it’s the hardest job parents will never get paid for. YET, as Parents, Guardians, God Parents, Foster Parents, Step Parents, etc,… it is our MOST IMPORTANT JOB. We are responsible for the healthy well-being of our children whether we gave birth to the child or for one reason or another the child was placed in your custody, we as the parent MUST take on many roles. Mother, Father obvious roles but we’re also,

Doctor- our child get hurt we must provide the immediate care and make quick decisions in the best interest of the patient (our child) and do all follow-up care.

Teacher- we are our child’s first and life long educators. We must teach them their name, how to spell their name, their ABC’s, 123’s, Basic colors, their address, their phone number, and the list truly gets longer.

Lawyer- we must defend our children WHEN THEY ARE RIGHT. I will not defend my child’s wrong. However if I truly believe my child is telling the truth I would go from one Country to the next in defense of them, yet we can’t totally block out all possibilities. Speak but more importantly, LISTEN. If I believe my child to be dishonest I will be the one to see they are punished as well. Lock them up personally!!

Custodian- We are to clean up behind them, but we are also to teach them to clean up behind themselves as well.

Nurse- we are to nurture our children. A band-aid an a hug are what nurses years ago used to give to injured children. As parents this is the kind of nurse we should be age appropriate of course. Yet when should we stop hugging our children? NEVER.

Warden- We as parents must keep order in our homes. A home without rules will have endless chaos. My dad used to say, “In Order To Lead, One Must Follow”. Basically he was saying if you follow the wrong people or things then you will lead people in the wrong direction. Infants, Babies, Toddlers, Children, Teens, Young Adults are all little people. Any an all Illegal activity should not occur but at the very least ALL ILLEGAL ACTIVITY MUST BE KEPT AWAY FROM OUR CHILDREN. WEED (MARIJUANA) SMOKERS AN ALL DRUG USERS DON’T DO SO IN THE PRESENCE OF YOUR CHILDREN. MOST PORN ISN’T ILLEGAL BUT A CHILD MUST NOT WATCH PORN. Allowing a child to watch Porn should be A Felony Sex Crime. All too often we are asking what is wrong with these children, we need to be asking, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PARENTS, GUARDIANS, ETC, ETC…..? Many say it’s the young parents as a young parent I can say, not so. All parents younger an older must take AUTHORITY and do their absolute best to properly lead our children.

Nutritionist-We cannot pass our bad habits onto our children. We cannot do this!! I do not give Pop/Soda to my own children therefore I don’t give Pop/Soda to any child. I’ve told children they let you drink it, get it from them, I’ll give you some juice.  My oldest and my youngest wanted Pop so they thought real bad. My son I allowed to drink Pop when he was about 13-14 years of age in very limited amounts, my daughter still have some years to go. I never put Pop in their baby bottles or cups, they drank baby/age appropriate drinks. My children who are of what society calls “normal weight” for their age and height, prior to going into the kitchen must ask me for what it is they want if it isn’t water. For children who are overweight this should be a must for them as well. It’s not so much about control as it is the well-being of our children. Children/People will do what is allowed of them to do. Again a home must have rules. Proper weight for our children an ourselves as well is a safety issue, truly life or death matter in some cases.

Adviser/Psychologist/Mentor- There are times when it is mandatory for us as parents to TELL our children what to do, then there are times when we must allow our children to tell us what they think they should do and we advise them whether their decision is right or wrong. I like to encourage my younger children who are 13 and 9 years of age to think before they act. To think without using MY brain. I’m not always going to be around to tell them what to do or what they should do, yet they are to act accordingly without any excuses.

Pastor- Typically parents, we are the first to introduce our children to God or whatever higher power the parent believe in. We do this via praying with our children, reading the Bible, attending church services, etc…..

I know I haven’t covered everything but the point should be well received. One last point PARENTS STOP BEING SELFISH. We chose for many reasons, irresponsible, what we think to be excusable, didn’t have any choice, reasons to bring these children into the world, they didn’t bring themselves here. We made them, they didn’t make themselves. We are to live our lives according to what is best for our children until they are EIGHTEEN YEARS OF AGE. If you are dating someone who does not want your child around, then  THEY GOT TO GO AND THE CHILD STAYS. Stop putting Seasonal to Part Time people into Full Time Permanent Positions. PUT AND KEEP YOUR CHILD FIRST. No one wants to be alone but sometimes in order to do what’s best for your child alone is what you must be. The right one will come along, sooner than you think. You just have to clear the path and your mind from the wrong one’s.

CHILDREN~ BE CHILDREN! PARENTS~ ACT AS PARENTS OUR CHILDREN ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS Whitney Houston so beautifully sang “The Children Are Our Future” Too many futures, too many children have spent a great portion of their future in Juvenile Correctional Facilities and the rest DEAD due to Street Life. Again PARENTS BE PARENTS AND RAISE OUR CHILDREN SO THEY WILL HAVE A FUTURE.

Quit Using Excuses, we need to raise a better, stronger and far more educated and responsible Generation.