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photo courtesy of rockyourboatyoga.com

Why do people feel the need to have drama everywhere? There’s drama where they rest their head, so they pick up the phone and try to stir up drama in as many places as they can. Does misery really love company that much? I love a peaceful home. Everywhere around us is out of control, if there’s no peace where you are resting your head then you don’t have peace anywhere. Then we as adults actually sit back and say, “what is wrong with these kids nowadays”, really, take a look at yourself. Grown folks arguing over what their children and Grandchildren an even Grown children may or not do, or what they are being accused of. Grown folks staying together but not talking because of a spat their grandchildren had or having. Like I tell my grown son when my minor two children are having their spats stay out of it, we add more fuel to their fire. If we leave them alone just keep an eye on things to ensure things don’t get out of control the storm will pass and they’ll work it out, far better than we know how. Then you have the nerve to speak out on the Jackson’s drama, you don’t have the time, nor space. People need to get themselves in order and stop spending so much time focusing on everyone else. I feel like Oprah in “The Color Purple”, All my life I’ve had to fight…..”,  I’ve had to fight my sisters,  I’ve had to fight my brothers, (I was the uh oh baby so by the time I came along most of my siblings were grown with their own families yet I as a child still had to fight with these grown folks an I was a child) I’ve had to fight the boys and girls from my old neighborhood and some kids I went to school with. I’m tired of fighting just because you’re almost 60 years old and still don’t mind a high stress, drama filled environment doesn’t mean I at almost 40 years old feel the same way, because I don’t. I’ve never been one for too much patience, which may explain why I used to fight so much. Arguing has never been something I really involve myself in doing. I reach a point where I am beyond words an it’s time for action. The act of walking away or taking it to the next level. Today, I have even less patience. I managed to pull myself out of that always need to be on defense environment an I’m a better person for it. I come from a family of two parents 13 siblings, 12 siblings living one parent dead, one parent alive an I’m the only one sacrificing to be there for her as best as I know how. No one does anything to help but they are trying to destroy the help she has. I have given up 13 years of my life the last 4 years more so than any.  If and when I back myself out the equation no one is not going to make themselves available, get  where they need to be and do 100% what is need to be done for OUR mother. I’m only one person doing the works of many, the last thing I need is someone else’s stress and drama. Why they don’t is beyond me but blaming me for what they have no intention on doing is old, I don’t stop you from doing anything else you want to do the last thing I’m gonna stop you from doing is helping taking care of OUR mother. I’m a single mother taking care of an elderly disabled parent, with 3 children 22, 13 and 9. Oddly my 22-year-old college son need more raising than my 13 and 9-year-old. He turned 18 rebelled against everyone an everything so now I feel like I’m starting all over with him, I don’t need additional stress nor drama trust me I have more than enough. Hopefully this will make you feel better and you won’t feel the need to add anymore fuel to my flames of fire. They say more money more problems, I don’t know I don’t have the money but I do have more family more problems. This is why so many have high blood pressure and so many other medical ailments at such young ages. Fortunately I don’t have any of those problems an I’m not going to let anyone take my health from me. I lose my health an I guess I’ll be stuck sitting at home with no life or promise of a future, miserable like far too many others, then I guess I’ll be a welcomed part of the can’t do/won’t do club, can’t allow it.

I Think I just had a Whoosah moment:).

Have a great Saturday everyone and remember Be Blessed and Be a Blessing to others. Q.U.E., you can have life without unnecessary drama. 

(Deep Breath) you never know what you have to say until, you start saying it.