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Jasmine Green a beautiful little Angel.

In our society today it’s not too often you hear two parties on two opposite sides of such a tragic situation resolve things amicably. Laughing through the hurt, pain and tears. In the midst of a dark storm the Bright light of 2-year-old Jasmine Green shines through in her parents. You see, Jasmine was left in a hot van June of last year where she was found in full cardiac arrest and later pronounced dead at a local hospital in Greensboro, GA. Jasmine had gone on a field trip to Chuck E. Cheese an upon return to the daycare site, Jasmine was somehow overlooked and left on the van only to be found 2+ hours later unresponsive. As I look at Jasmine’s beautiful smile I can only imagine the smile that was across Jasmine’s face as she enjoyed what would be her last day here on earth. I find solace in her last moments were happy one’s and that she most likely had fallen asleep and didn’t suffer as she transitioned from this life into eternal life with our Heavenly Father.

Rest In God’s Arm’s Little Miss Jasmine Green

According to CBS Evening News which is what brought this tragic story to my eyes, the worker who left Jasmine in the van was just 17 years of age. She was older than Jasmine but still a child herself. I applaud Jasmine’s Mother and Father. They didn’t let two children die that day. This 17-year-old worker could have faced many years in prison for involuntary manslaughter but the Judge didn’t want this to happen to this young worker. The Judge along with Jasmine’s parents realized despite how tragically painful Jasmine’s death was no one didn’t intend for her to be left in the van and die that day. The Judge knew how he responded in his courtroom would affect this young ladies life for the rest of her life. The 17-year-old worker was sentenced to 2 years probation and ordered to set up a Memorial in Honor of 2-year-old Jasmine Green. Jasmine’s father just want for his baby girl to be remembered. I salute Jasmine’s parents, most often when people are grieving the loss of a loved one especially a child due to the grief and pain they want someone to pay for what has been done. Jasmine’s father says he felt that way originally, because he was hurt and he was very angry because his daughter had died and he just wanted someone to pay. Jasmine’s father and mother met with this 17-year-old young lady and her mother. Through the pain and tears they found laughter and a way to forgive inspite of the tragic death of Jasmine Green. The Green family are truly an example of true forgiveness to us all.