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photo courtesy of Colorlines.com

This young lady has truly captured my heart. 16-year-old Gabby Douglas the first Black to win all around Gold Medal. I’ve ignored comments people has made about her hair. I hope she is too, better yet I hope the comments hasn’t reached her ears. Blacks complain about not seeing other Blacks or minorities excelling in life or  as positive role models then we belittle the one’s we have. Q.U.E., and throw  Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas our support. This young lady glides in the air and does so here’s that word again:), FLAWLESSLY. Her smile is contagious in all that she has accomplished you can still see the child in her. Gabby’s Black Is Beautiful!! This young lady is going places, beyond where she’s already been. America is proud of her and Black America need to support this young record breaker as well. Keep your negative comments to yourself, not that you should really have any this is someone’s young child. Way to go Gabby and the best is still yet to come.

For those worried about her hair photo courtesy of j-14.com

“…..The Glory goes up to him God) and the Blessings rain down on me…” How humbling is she. Truly a beautiful young lady. photo courtesy of traditionalhome.com

This young lady is beautiful no matter what her chosen hairstyle is. Relaxed or all natural, Do You Gabby!!

Look at her style, Look at her go. I love how she smiles as she performs. She’s truly enjoying what she’s doing and so am I. photo courtesy of olympics.time.com