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Taha Alashwal 34 years old accused rapist of 14-year-old boy
photo and details on this case courtesy of 13wham.com Opinion provided by Que

First I commend this 14-year-old young man for coming forward and reporting this incident to the proper authorities. You are a true hero. Some may say well he only saved his own life, well he’s done something many don’t. Sometimes it through the voice of one that protects the health, well-being and life of others. I know his identity is protected because he is a child but this 14-year-old victim is a Big Hero to many. This young man was only following the American Dream, doing his part in his Pursuit of Happiness, something many of us do. This child has done nothing wrong, in fact he did everything right and I know his family and friends are so proud of him

Taha Alashwal is a predator of the worse kind. He hired this 14-year-old boy to deliver flyers door to door with the menus and possibly coupons attached around the neighborhood. Then he promoted this child to dish-washing and breading chicken wings that moved this little innocent life into the restaurant with him. This is where he knowing this child came from a family with meager means befriended this little person. Here you have someone in such a position of authority taking advantage of the little person he hired. This Predator (IMO) took this child to a hotel it was there while in a Jacuzzi Taha made his move and “forcibly raped” this 14-year-old child. This child is so brave, to get away this 14-year-old victim told police investigators that during one of the alleged acts he “saw a pen on the bed side table and I reached for it and then pulled the cap off of the pen and then stabbed him in the back of the neck.” During the investigation investigators did find a wound to the back of Taha Alashwal’s neck. The little boy then ran to the hotel lobby where authorities were called and as they stood in the hotel lobby waiting on authorities this low life of a human being tried to bribe this child with $5,000. to not tell anyone. This young man wasn’t having it, he followed through and Taha was arrested. Taha who resides in Onondaga County and has a restaurant there has similar charges pending from a 2006 incident involving a 15-year-old boy. They were in the process of a plea deal when Onondaga County learned of the Monroe County charges the plea deal was withdrawn. This animal has a wife and THREE children. He lives in the Syracuse, NY area with his family and is out on a $25,000 cash bail.

My prayers go out to this young man. Hopefully he can receive counselling and make it through the rest of this life unharmed mentally. He’s a straight “A” student and scholar athlete. I pray he along with the 15-year-old victim in Onondaga County can move forward and put this horrible incident as far behind them as possible.

To my understanding Mojo’s receive a large majority of business from Blacks in the area. It’s been over 10 years since I lived in the Rochester, NY area an I’m not familiar with Mojo’s but truly that isn’t here nor there I have family and friends who I would never want to be hurt by anyone. Besides I just believe we are all responsible for the safety of young people. It was the Genesee Ave store this pedophile was working out of and befriended this little boy and later misused the trust given to him an allegedly raped this little boy. Send Mojo’s a message and shut them down all across the City of Rochester and that business he owns in Onondaga County, NY too The business he owns in the Syracuse, NY area are Midland Discount Market, 1434 Midland Ave., in Syracuse, and Solvay Convenience and Deli, 2909 Milton Ave (http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2012/07/solvay_man_owner_of_a_midland.html

If this person is not stopped, he will get more businesses and continue this path of hiring young workers, gaining their trust and then violating them in the worse way. If he is not stopped, there without any doubt in my mind will be more victims. Currently two victims that we are aware of in two different Counties working at two different businesses owned by one individual, Taha Alashwal. The Monroe county, NY police are currently investigating to see if there are any more victims in the Genesee Ave. area in Rochester, NY. ALL BUSINESS THAT TAHA ALASHWAL IS ASSOCIATED WITH  NEED TO BE SHUTDOWN!!! AND HE NEED TO SPEND THE REST OF HIS LIFE IN PRISON.