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Photo courtesy of stuffblackpeopledontlike.blogspot.com

I’ve been partially following the trial where an elderly man in the Orlando area was slammed by an On Duty Officer. It was a legal maneuver according to Orange County Sheriff office policy and procedures the problem is the man who was slammed neck was broken and he’s in his 80’s. The officer is in his 20’s. He is on trial for excessive force an I believe other charges. The man was said to have been drunk and disorderly and put his hands on the officer. Therefore the officer responded and the man was injured. For me here’s the thing. Far too many Blacks have been killed by Officers AND they were Unarmed, sometimes not the suspect they were looking for, etc… and yet no trial the “kill” is found to be justified, case closed. I don’t disagree that the force used doesn’t sound excessive. Thing is how was this Officer to know how old this man was, drinking for one ages you especially if you’re consistently a heavy drinker. When you have someone approaching you AGGRESSIVELY, you have a split second decision to make. Officers have a Firearm and a Taser Gun, was the Officer concerned about the offender getting his weapons. I just look at this case an others. I have a friend whose nephew along with another young man who was shot by an Off Duty officer a few days ago. They were wrong in rear ending his vehicle, but they fled, they left the scene. IMO the OFF DUTY OFFICER should have called 911 maybe followed them from a safe distance, but he didn’t  The Off Duty Officer follows them at some point the three are face to face the Off Duty Officer is attacked an eventually the young men in their early 20’s are both shot a couple of times in their upper bodies by the Officer with his personal but legal weapon. Years ago when Police Brutality was constantly in the media spotlight people’s response was Blacks need to stop whining and breaking the law. You break the law you suffer the consequences. Well I see many cases where in the “victims” of this same brutality is white or other races and very few are willing to quietly stand by and suffer the consequence of their actions or lack their of. Blacks kill more Blacks than any other race. Blacks are more harm to themselves than anyone else so why is it when Blacks are victims by others whether it is by Law Enforcement or an average citizen why is the Black victims are also suspect. We see this with too many Law Enforcement agencies throughout these United States of America, too many Cities, Towns, back alleys, etc… by the average citizen. The wrong message is constantly being sent, “kill a Black,  not even a smack on the wrist, killing people of other color, race, nationality especially by a Black the case of self-defense is not so clear-cut. I agree when people of any race say Blacks need to stop committing crimes, they need to stay out of these jails and prisons. I agree wholeheartedly, absolutely no argument of disagreement from me, nonetheless all people of all races commit crimes. No race is exempt. Some crimes one could say it more likely to be committed by those of one race versus another but that isn’t always correct. All groups of people must be treated equally. The act of profiling by ALL must stop. The act of being a victim, crying victim, etc… then aggressor, then finding yourself victim then responding lethally must stop. I realize adrenaline is a drug, but when you confront someone even if you were once victim you can’t flip-flop justice. One must take responsibility for their actions. Our Justice System need to not only say One Justice for all but HONOR IT. Crimes committed against Blacks whether by other Blacks or those of other races, nationalities, etc…. is a crime. Q.U.E. people Blacks have just as much right to live to get old as people of all other races. I say this to people of all races, including Blacks. I saw this with the Police Brutality, H.I.V., A.I.D.S., the drug epidemic many of these things were affecting Blacks more so than any other race it didn’t become an epidemic until it had spread from one group to all the others.  Q.U.E., wake up people if it affects one of us, it affects all of us.