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Good Morning all!! I’m sure some of you are wondering what’s good about it? No matter what you have endured or are enduring you have another opportunity for improvement. For all of us who are still bracing for Isaac please again follow all advisories. If your mind tell you to leave, follow your mind. Call your local NON EMERGENCY number if in fact you do not have an emergency and are asking about shuttles to get out of the threat of the storm. If you have a family member in the areas that are threatened call them and convince them to leave to safer building and or higher ground. As I been saying do not gamble with your life or the lives of those you care for. My area is anticipating more rain, but this is our rainy season the lights go off and one for a moment or two every so many days yet we are prepared many of you are facing much worse, take precaution now or better yet leave now. See a Need Fill A Need. As always Be Blessed and Be a Blessing to Others.