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I voted for Barack Obama in 2008 I had complete faith in him as a person, I believe he spoke for the people because he was the people. This year I have witnessed a change in President Obama that had me on the fence. I knew I wasn’t going to vote for Mitt Romney yet I didn’t want to vote for Obama either. I’ve had a change of heart/mind. President Obama didn’t have to do anything. It wasn’t all the millions of Dollars he’s wasted in campaign ads that could have been given to various depleted charities but it has been what Mitt Romney and now Paul Ryan has themselves been saying. I’ve always known you rarely agree with anyone totally. So in doing the Pros and Cons an as a woman I must stand and vote to re-elect President Barack Obama. Mitt Romney doesn’t have any daughters but he has a wife and it took a woman for him to be here, meaning he has a mother. Sometimes I find that hard to believe. I was on FB as I often am nowadays, an I came across a post on someone’s page. This young lady had been raped and delivered a baby as a consequence of the rape. She learned to love the baby despite of the darkness surrounding the moment of conception. Her problem was the father (the rapist) was seeking visitation rights. She accept seeing her child’s face, hearing her child’s heartbeat despite the likeness to her rapist the child must have but the father (the rapist) has rights and he is petitioning the courts for visitation rights. She doesn’t wish to see this person ever again, she doesn’t wish to have this person in the life of her child, yet she may have to share split custody or at the very least allow this person to spend time with the child they conceived as a result of the rape. How would Mitt Romney prevent this young woman from having to spend the next 18 or so years with this person as “they” raise this child? This is part of the reason why I had to re-evaluate my thinking. I was already struggling with the act of not voting because I see it as my duty to vote but I really was up in arms as to who to vote for. Well, Obama/Biden 2012. I’m passionate about the economy turning around but I’m just as passionate about women’s rights. If we as women lose our rights the economy will take a loss as well. Women are a major part of this Country.

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Another issue I have with Mitt Romney Paul Ryan I don’t have millions of dollars in the bank. I don’t have hundreds of dollars in the bank. Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan doesn’t know or understand where I or people like me are coming from or endure on an average day. Mrs. Romney has faced various medical scares i.e., breast cancer, miscarriages, M.S., etc… if it hadn’t been for Mitt’s money how would they have gotten Mrs. Romney the assistance she needed and still needs during these health crisis. These are things I would need possibly Planned Parenthood an other agencies for women to assist me with. Things that the Romney family doesn’t know anything about. Romney/Ryan isn’t for woman and they are for the rich. One I am and the other I wish I was. Again Obama/Biden 2012