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People if you are forewarned~ warned before an event/crisis happen take heed to that warning. I know, trust me I know times are hard and money isn’t easy to come by. As horrible as dying by a bullet is to die as a result of drowning is that much worse. Drop your pride and seek any and all help. I say this because I can see me with my wanna be independent self in the same situation. However when it comes to the health of my children and my mother I don’t think I’d take that chance. I’ll gamble with me but not them. If you can get to the highest level of your home and you see this or someone you know is in the affected areas and you see this give them a call and tell them to get to the highest level of their home NOW, don’t wait to see if the water will rise in their home by then it maybe too late. Please, Please be careful do what’s wise and safest. We laugh and take far too many risk when other storms are not what these Meteorologist tell us they will be, well they are trying to track the storm they did not raise the storm and they cannot control the storm. What they say to us are mere predictions sometimes there right sometimes there wrong stop gambling with your lives and the lives of your children. Q.U.E., use common sense and good judgement.