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I am almost if not at the point of exhaustion. Everyday on my FB Timeline at various times throughout the day I see photos of missing and murdered people. I say people, but most of the victims are children. We focus on so many issues. Yes the economy is a major issue, women’s rights, yup that’s a major issue too, Homeland Security big priority. What about the security of our children in their Homeland. Yes, I know there are laws on the books to protect children. We see how far that’s getting us. Tougher laws is a step in the right direction but it is not enough. ENFORCEMENT of these laws would help. Educating our School administrators for signs of abuse, well educating school administrators to not become abusers themselves. These “relationships” with students regardless of age need to be illegal, PERIOD. Terrorist attacked the U.S. a war on terrorism was declared. Funding was provided for the war on terrorism. Trained officers were added and placed where they would be most beneficial to this cause. U.S. borders and planes are safer for it. Well it’s time to declare a war on Violence. Our local Cities, Towns, Villages, etc… need to be safe. Soldiers risk their lives fighting abroad in war only to come home to get murdered on these American Streets. Instead of cutting funding on Local Sheriff and Police Departments increase the funds especially in those areas where Violence is high. Educate and provide more Social workers so more home visits of “High Risk” cases can be seen more than once every 60-90 days. Do thorough background checks on everybody. I remember when I was going for another position in the prison they did a second thorough background check on me, before promoting me. I wasn’t part of that good old buddy system. I didn’t know anyone who could basically get  the job for me. I know this happens a lot wherein it isn’t what you know but who you know. It doesn’t come out until something happens typically its found the person didn’t know them as well as they thought and a child is harmed or killed. I am just so “ugh” with so many children leaving this earth way before they should. Never having the opportunity to do the things we adults take for granted. You must be 18 to vote, so many children will never have the opportunity to know what it’s like to vote. Graduate high school, go to college, get a job, live on their own, purchase a car, etc…… For the victims who survive, I worry about. Will they repeat the harm inflicted upon them to others, will they put everyone in the same box for what one or two did to them, will they be able to be productive in a normal society, will they be able to avoid being another statistic, will they give back instead of giving in….? These are all questions no one can provide the answer for not even the young victim at least not immediately. We fight and we fight for things that are important to us, nothing should be more important for the safety and future of our children. I hear so many politicians proclaiming wanting to resolve the debt crisis an other economic issues for the future generation, really, the future generation is being raped, beaten, shot and left for dead on the mean Streets of these United States of America. No one is exempt from crime, yes poor folks have a higher risk however, everyone is prone to crime. So I ask, If the children are dying who are you really planning the future for?