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I haven’t heard any officials call anyone who is displaced refugees other than my brother who lives in Bossier, LA. I called him to see what their weather was like and how he was. He stated their weather an all was fine except for the refugees coming over crowding their location. That term stuck out but I didn’t give him a hard time for using it. I spoke to him briefly and was I guess happy that he was safely away from harm until I guess I let him have that one. My brother and I we have good “debates” no arguments but “debates” and typically I would have debated that term but I just told him to be careful and I’d check on him again possibly tomorrow or something. I know what it feels to be displaced from home during these storms. In 2004 we dealt with Hurricane Frances. We were without power for about 2 weeks and there was some damage to home we stay in. My son’s asthma was very active over active back then so we had to stay in a motel until the power was able to be turned back on. We were one of the lucky one’s, not everyone could afford a motel stay and some of the shelters were beyond over crowded. I just hope that his slip of the tongue term refugees was just that a slip of the tongue and was not repeating what he heard in his local news or area in general we must never forget that these are Americans who are suffering the ugliest form of devastation and suffering Mother Nature has to offer.