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That speech did not impress me at all. I guess in some ways it did, it made me even more determined that this man does not know what is best for ALL AMERICANS. He is too disconnected. He’s too focused on what the Obama administration has done wrong until he hasn’t taken the time to focus on what needs to be done and what he honestly and realistically will do to ensure it is done if he is elected in November. As I said in one of my previous post Romney is the kind of person who will use others and say what he needs to say for his own advantage. This man as he was walking to the stage he didn’t shake nor hug the hand of not one, I mean not one Black person nor any other minority. To me that speaks volumes. When you can’t even confuse the mindset of a 9-year-old child, that speaks volumes. Earlier today my daughter asked me do Mitt Romney likes Black people one her question caught me off guard but I told her I guess so then I asked her why she’d ask that question she said because you don’t see him with any Black people. She went onto to say how she’s seen President Obama with other people not just Blacks. This is a 9-year-old child who spends more time watching Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS than anything else. Often times she does watch the news with me but I thought that was just because she was in the room not actually paying attention, boy was I wrong. If our children can see that Mitt Romney is not right for All Americans then why can’t we as the one’s who are to be older and wiser not see it. If the future (our children) can see having a future with a Romney/Ryan nomination for President is not what we as Americans need we better get out and vote. We better put in office who will be a President for all Americans who can be a voice for not just the wealthy but the poor as well. We need to Re-elect President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden back into office November, 2012. Don’t look for someone else to vote for you, go and vote, don’t go alone take another registered voter along with and make sure everyone votes. As always Be Blessed and Be a Blessing to Others.