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We did it once and we can make this historical moment happen again.
photo courtesy of chicago.about.com

I came over to my parents to watch this historical moment with them. I sat on the couch as my mom in dad sat in their recliners. This was a rare moment. My dad didn’t typically watch TV with us. My dad watched sports, some gospel programs and News everything else was “junk”. You asked him to watch TV in the Living Room, I don’t want to see that mess/junk y’all watch, an in his room he’d go. January 2009, we sat and watched this historic inauguration. My mom had tears streaming down her face, saying it was a moment she never thought she’d live to see and she was 79 at the time. My dad was 83. My dad died in July 2010 but he lived to see the day when he would vote and elect our first Black person for President. I was with them when they voted as well, I wish I had the mind to record that historic moment. Both of my parents had such a smile on their faces. They had their doubts but they had faith. An as the results were read that faithful November day in 2008 my mom couldn’t hold back her emotions. This is a day we in America can experience again an it is a day we must experience when President Barack Obama is re-elected as President of America for 4 more years. Q.U.E., get out and vote.