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I know I’m a little late but what an amazing speech from First Lady Mrs. Michelle Obama Last Night. If I wasn’t already going to vote for her husband, current President Barack Obama her speech would definitely have me saying to myself, why are you not voting for this man? Mrs. Obama is truly Every Amazing Woman. She’s a daughter who loves her mother, a wife who supports, love, cherish and respects her husband, she’s a mother to two beautiful young ladies who are just as grounded today as they were four years ago. Mrs. Obama has been a mentor to a generation of overweight/obese children. She, from the way she carry herself has been a mentor to women. To support their husbands but still not lose themselves. Showing women how you can “stand out” while supporting your husband during his shining moments.

We need FOUR MORE YEARS!!We need for President Obama for all the reasons Mrs. Obama mentioned last night during her speech at the DNC. We need him because he has experienced LIFE. Grew up with meager means. To complete college had to take out student loans. Struggled as many of us to pay them back. He also knows what it’s like to be wealthy. President Obama is living the American Dream, he wasn’t born into it. No he’s not the riches man on earth, but he has many riches. He has money, he has power, fame but most of all he has a wonderful supportive family. Also he encourages father’s to rise and be the head of their families. He says this to all men but more so our Black Men, Minority Men who are least likely to be in the home and support their families.

He hasn’t forgotten about those who are still in the struggle. He’s not trying to make life easy for those who already have it easy, he’s trying to make life just a little more comfortable for those life has been turned upside down due to America’s current economic crisis. He’s fighting for women to maintain their rights. The right to choose what’s best for our health, he’s in the fight for women to receive equal pay for equal work. We need to keep our President who does not appear to have tunnel vision. One who is not focused on how he can make life better for the rich and/or  richer but what is in the best interest of ALL AMERICANS. There are Middle Class Americans who once all expenses are paid can’t afford to fill up their vehicle, careless support a tax break that millionaires and or billionaires may receive.

I had been saying to myself, I hope this DNC convention does not disappoint. Especially after the fiasco at the RNC with the chair among other things, such as the lies which it seemed you could see the letters l-i-a-r! come out of their mouths like you would see on an episode of Sesame Street, needless to say I got nervous. Apparently, I have no need to worry. The same class that has been in the White House for almost 4 years, was shown at the DNC last night. Our President is what we not just women but people expect in a man an our First Lady is every woman. They are guiding a nation and we need them both for FOUR MORE YEARS, Vote Obama/Biden this November, 2012.

Proud father, Husband, American, and President. Look at their beautiful amazing daughters. They have grown so graciously right before our eyes. 
President Barack Obama and daughters watching the First Lady speak. (Courtesy: White House) Photo courtesy of Facebook.com/NewsoneOfficial