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How can you attack someone else’s child because you say they are bullying your child and not regret your actions? I love my children and for someone to bother with my children I wouldn’t get angry I would get, MAD. It’s quite possible I would say and or do somethings in a heated moment I may later regret which is why I fail to understand how a mother of 35 years who says she’s defending her son is proud of herself for getting on a school bus and not just verbally attacking someone else’s 17-year-old child but physically as well. The way I see it, I refuse to argue with my own children and they range in age from 22-9 so I will not argue with anyone else’s children. Again, I understand defending your child but come on Mom, come on parents. To say after looking back you don’t regret basically bullying someone else’s child is a bit too much. You 35 this child 17, come one, really. Take a real good look at yourself, you should regret your action. Something needed to be done but not that.