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No ifs, ands or butts about it. Love all of us, or leave us all alone.
photo courtesy of localtv.com

Dating or Married, children must be accepted!! I found myself in a conversation this morning with someone and we were discussing parents who have children together but are no longer living together. Each parent has gone on with their lives and are now dating and staying with someone else. It was said that a woman who expects another woman to accept another woman’s child into her home is a trifling woman. I disagreed. If the father is residing with a woman who is not willing to accept his child, and he continues to stay there, he’s the trifling one. I fail to understand how anyone can be in a relationship with someone who professes love to them but not for their children, that’s a deal breaker for me. Not only would he have to accept my children, but respect them and treat them appropriately as well. How can you love someone who is not a part of you, who refuses to accept your flesh and blood, the child you gave life to. She later stated that yes, it’s both parents responsibility but the mom refuses to work with the father, and that she feels sorry for the father. Personally, I don’t feel sorry for neither one of them, I feel sorry for the children who are caught in the middle of this mess. Ok, the love is gone, fine, don’t even like them too much, that’s alright too. At the very least be cordial towards one another for the sake of the children. Now there’s one exception to this rule. If all your children are grown. If all children are grown then, at the very least respect from both sides is a must. With minor children, you must put your child first, no exceptions. How many of you face this situation? How do you handle it? Men, women, do you put your child first?