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Five days and no Facebook, Twitter, or Quit Using Excuses Blog. Well no posting, I viewed my pages via my phone but it would not allow me to post. Guess I’m not as Tech savvy as I thought. Prior to starting this Blog page not getting on the internet was no big deal. I wasn’t on it everyday anyways. Didn’t know how this Blog was going to change things either, but boy has it brought about a change. Every since I started this Blog Page back in March I have posted something. Nonetheless, I’m back up and working and boy do I have a lot to say. First I will start with the Marion County School Board response or lack their of regarding a gun along with ammunition an other weapons being transported by a student on a school bus full of students this past Friday, and the MCSB issuing a stupid statement of no students or faculty was ever in any danger because the student said it was not for use at school but for recreational shooting for the weekend. Since when is it acceptable for firearms or any other kind of weapons regardless of reason to be on school buses and/or school grounds. I have so much more to say on this but, I will post more on this tomorrow. The MCSB need training I’m pleased with the Marion County Sheriff Office they were the one’s who realized these students was not being honest, and seemed to handle the situation and these teen boys appropriately. Also I’m sure I will watch the first Presidential debate between President Obama and Romney. I’m thinking that will prove to be rather entertaining. Well as always Be Blessed and Be a Blessing to Others. Be safe and have a Great Night!!