DEREK WILLIAMS DID NOT HAVE TO DIE!!! These people don’t need training they need FIRING, and to never be put into a position where the life of another human being is in their hands!! Law abiding citizens or not an Officer can legally “DETAIN” any of us at any given time. It does not matter if Officers are looking for a White man wearing all black, some Officer will still stop the Blackest man, wearing all Orange. It’s past time to WAKE UP PEOPLE. We complain about nonsense. Our nails done wrong, car detail incomplete, hot meal served cold, McD’s running out of Big Macs well what are you going to say or do about this? Derek Williams did not have to die. These officers and medical staff are negligent. Road Kill has been found on the side of the road and received better medical treatment than Derek Williams. I hope the Williams family sue the City of Milwaukee and cause them to go bankrupt. If they want to stand by and support the negligence of these Officers EMT’s, etc… then make em pay for it.