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I thought I had Blogged about this situation. What a sad ending. Amanda Clayton was found the end of September deceased holding her baby in her arms. It is suspected she died from drug a overdose. She leave behind two children who would have loved her regardless of how much money they had. People you can’t let money change you, and you must keep prayer in your life whether you have money or not. Praying everyone considers her children and not their greed as they move forward. She paid for their college education, and that’s a gift that will keep on giving. They can always thank their mom for that.

Quit Using Excuses

I don’t even know how to begin this, a now 25-year-old young lady was fortunate/blessed  enough to win One Million Dollars off a Michigan Lotto game. She was receiving assistance at the very least for Food and Medical, and failed to report an increase in her finances to the agency stating that she still wasn’t working and had bills, she had two homes to pay for. Is she serious, what are the odds that she would have landed a job earning over $500,000.00 a year SMH, $500,000.00 over several years so the money she won far exceeded any expectation (realistically) she should have had as an employee somewhere. She bought the homes as a result of her winnings (responsible) but not contacting the welfare office an advising them that she no longer is in need of their assistance, very irresponsible an apparently illegal. I think she is the Q.U.E. winner…

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