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This afternoon I have spent trying to explain an assist my daughter with her 4th grade homework assignment. Problem is I had to study it and find a way to explain something to her I barely knew myself. This math she had to do tonight made Algebra look easy. Last year and the years before was a breeze for her it appears this year will be more challenging for the both of us. I am so glad this 4th grader is the last one. If there were more behind her, I think I’d lose my mind. So are you smarter than a 5th grader? I’m struggling to be smarter than this 4th grader so the answer for me right now is NOPE. Somehow I’ve managed to help my oldest with his High School work, and my middle son with his Middle School work. Guess we never really stop learning or studying. Guess we’ll spend more time working on math and possibly other 4th grade work.