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Having Medicare is almost as bad as not having any Insurance at all. Bureaucracy and red tape one must go through to get what they need, far too many DIE waiting. I have been in a long drawn out battle to get things my mom need for her, to make her elderly life worth living an enjoyable. I have been trying to get these things for the last TWO years, she’s been in need for things the last four. She’s in her 80’s she’s had a heart attack and a Stroke. My mom is a woman who after many years of being married and giving birth to 12 children she went back to school earned her college degree gave birth to her 13th child (me:) later retired after being a teacher for 25 years while taking care of her own family and her sick mom all the while, paying into Social Security, Medicare an other Federal and State taxes and fees and being told that our Government would be there for her when she got old and was eligible for retirement is now not fulfilling their end of the deal. Well we now know better but at the time my mom retired almost 20 years ago there was the promise they would be taken care of. This is not happening!! I have been trying to get a Power Chair for her for the last two years. It took just under two years for her Wheelchair or (roll in) shower to get installed, now I’m back to battling the issue of the Power Chair for her. This will allow her to get out the house get some fresh air and not have to worry about her legs giving out on her and the risk of falling or her back causing her any trouble an allow some form of independence. In researching why she’s been denied I’m told she “doesn’t meet Medicare criteria”, how not. She’s legally disabled, arthritis in both knees, Gout, and a whole long list of other issues and oh did I mentions she’s a woman of 80+ years, who was married for over 60 years to my father and was fully supported of him until the day he went into the ground two years ago. She must now wait around and watch the Government program she paid into for decades+ assist others who are far younger than her and don’t have the health or physical restrictions she does deny her the help she needs. I see young people my age and younger with power chairs and scooters, and their only health issue is they are over weight which affect their breathing, knees and back. Believe you me I understand the issues of being overweight, but I also understand the importance of letting go of excuses and not using weight as a disability and doing what I can to maintain my health. The older people in our society it may be harder to help them get their weight under control but there is no reason for people in my age group or younger and some older to be receiving a “FAT” check. I don’t know the “politically correct” term for it but I’m not running for no political seat, so it is what it is, what it is. How is it that my mom “doesn’t meet medicare criteria?” She has a handicapped sticker, her Dr. signed the prescription for her to get the Power Chair, he told her she needed one, she didn’t tell herself, her Dr. who has seen her and her medical history says she needs it but some able-bodied person who is possibly years from retiring, sits behind a desk and never had so much as a phone conversation with her or her Dr. says she “doesn’t meet medicare criteria”. How does “medicare criteria” differ from medically needy? I don’t know anything about Medicare’s criteria but I do know when someone is medically needy, and my mom current and previous medical history fits that of someone who is medically needy. Medicare is in need of a serious overhaul, and the promises that Medicare will be there for our Seniors need to be fulfilled to those the promise was made to, my mom represents one out of millions who were promised Social Security and Medicare would be there for them. I can’t say President Obama is part of the issue or he is best for the solution, but I can say that Romney will not be any part of the solution. When you throw away almost half of America (the 47%), and say you can’t worry about them, well those on Medicare and Social Security are a part of that 47% percent. Just needed to take a break and vent, Whoosah, but now it’s back to the battle. Wish me luck.