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I haven’t weighed in because it was affecting my commitment to myself, to keep going. The scale hasn’t told me what I was hoping it would reveal to me by now. I’ve been on this journey since May 1st and thought I would have completed it by now. This is not an excuse, I still have not drunk any Pop. I still continue to drop pounds an inches. I am wearing right now a skirt earlier this year I could not button close. Today not only is it buttoned but I have “breathing room”. It does not have an elastic waist but I can with my fingers, hold it at least bout 3-4 inches away from my skin. So I’m pleased an I anticipate that when I do weigh in again possibly this Tuesday or the Tuesday after next the scale will tell me I’ve reached my 25 lb weight drop goal. So I haven’t given up, quite the contrary. I just believed that being I was so focused on what the scale said until I found myself getting frustrated and having thoughts of giving up. I really didn’t want that to happen. I’ve been there and done that, I want this time to be different, so I’m doing things differently.

I guess they left it up for us to finish. So for me it’s “YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU ALWAYS GOT


My daughter has been my own personal cheerleader. Every time I kicked myself about not having achieved my goal by now she says “well mommy at least your losing some weight it all helps right.” This little girl, I love her to life!!