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I decided to try on a pair of jeans I hadn’t worn in about 3 years today. I figured hey I got in the skirt let’s try the pants. I bought these jeans tight to go on a date then I had one 8 pack of Coca Cola too many and it was like a scene from the Nutty Professor II when Buddy Love disappears and the Professor comes popping  out. These jeans I couldn’t get past my hips an I refused to give them away b/c they looked new so I couldn’t separate myself from them now they are all the way up and completely closed. They are those stretch like jeans so I have some room in the waist area. I am so proud of myself. This was never about clothing all about maintaining my health and getting in shape physically. The clothing thing is just a bonus, I have some of my clothes back again. These jeans are still in like new condition, I only wore them 2-3 times. I don’t know if I’ve reached my 1st 25 pound drop goal but I must be well on my way. I Q.U.E. and as a result I am that much closer to achieving my goals. The best is yet to come.