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Young Malala Yousufzai, is a hero to many near and far. This child risked her life in an effort to fight for a right in her Country our American girls throw away here in the U.S. I pray Malala recovers fully and is able to complete her goal of receiving an education. I also pray she can manage to put this horrible event in her life behind her. She is so beautiful and wise beyond her years. I always encourage people to be themselves and not try to be like anyone else, but our American young girls could use a boost in realizing the importance of an education. This young girl did and almost died and is in a fight for her life all because of her Pursuit of an Education. Young people here in America are dying over foolishness. Drugs, turf wars, he said she said, rap wars, etc.. this young lady was willing to die for what she believes in, the right for a girl to be educated. If this doesn’t make one realize the importance of an education, especially our young ladies nothing will. I pray for all those who are providing security for her, her family and for Malala complete recovery. Slow and steady is better than fast. IMO makes most of the excuses used  to justify dropping out sound rather well ignorant. Q.U.E., get your education, no one will try to stop you.