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I’m not trying to fit into what “society” says I should be, I just want to be fit so I can be a part of society for as long as possible.

I’ve been motivated by the clothes I can now fit in than any weigh in Tuesday I have done for the last 4+months. Yesterday I went to the store and bought Asparagus. I have never purchased nor had Asparagus in my life. I’ve said I was going to try it, but I been saying that for the last year or more. I’ve been watching Dr. Oz with my mom and he’s constantly saying Asparagus is good for this Asparagus is good for that so I said ok, I’ll give it a try. I bought other Green fresh vegetables. Typically I buy more frozen than fresh. I bought celery and instead of using caramel dip or peanut butter I used veggie dip and loved it. I had it as a snack (I also had a slice of Sock it To me Cake, little treat to myself) last night then I had celery with veggie dip and watermelon for breakfast this morning with two tall glasses of plain old water. Which brings me to my question should I do Fit In or Weigh In Tuesday’s? The last time I weighed in I had less than 10 pounds to go to meet my 1st 25 drop goal. Despite being so close I wasn’t as inspired then as I am now. I thought about getting clothes (unfortunately there are others) that I haven’t been able to fit and try one pair on each week until I can. I may weigh in once a month instead of once a week. What ya think, any an all feedback is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.  Have a safe and wonderful Saturday:))