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By now I’m sure many of you are aware of and have seen the video of the RTA bus driver who gave a 25-year-old woman a severe upper cut. One I’m sure she will never forget. It was originally reported that the woman was a teenager, but it has now been found that she’s a grown woman. For those who are not aware of what I’m talking about here’s the link to the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-dRSqJRI_Y THIS IS A GRAPHICALLY VIOLENT AND VULGAR VIDEO

In light of these events I talked to my 14-year-old son, asking him what would he do and what would make him hit a female. My son has a lot of patience. I know this because of the way he tolerates his 9 soon to be 10 year old sister. My daughter is one who can test the patience of anyone. She loves to talk and pull pranks. My son he really doesn’t have a sense of humor, he’s into games and he’s into games, that’s pretty much it. He’s starting to get into girls so right now I’m going to enjoy him being into video games for as long as I can:).  Back to what I was saying. First I asked him what would he do if a girl slapped him and spit on him. He said an I quote” I’ll use something to get the spit off of me and restrain her until she agrees to quit attacking me.” Ok, sounds logical, for one he’s not nor has he ever been in the situation. Question is, is it possible he’d respond this way. Knowing my son as I believe I do and have watched him with his sister and her friends I’d say yes. Girls of this age can test anyone’s patience. They tend to be mouthy, play jokes, you know just be real silly and don’t always keep their hands to themselves. I watch how he interacts with them, and responds to them, and he has no clue that I’m watching. Then I asked him what would it take for you to hit a girl, he said, “she’d really have to be hurting me or making me fear for my life”. Ok, have my son ever lost his temper, in the words of Sarah Palin, you betcha!  He’s shouted at his sister, he uses his voice to let her know ok, now enough is enough gone somewhere. Typically after this she leaves him alone an all is well. There are times when I have to intervene and let her or the both of them know, stop it, you’re going way too far. I tell my daughter all the time she has one awesome big brother and not to abuse him or his patience. I try to stay out of it, I like for them to resolve their problems creatively and respectfully on their own. This shows me if they can do so in the house then they should be able to do so outside the home.

My other son the, oldest whom I have yet to completely understand says he doesn’t hit girls BUT he used to fight with his little sister. HUH!!! Your sister who is a girl because if she wasn’t she’d be ya brother, but she’s your sister and a girl at the same time (go figure) you’ll hit her but other girls out in the world you won’t hit. Ok, explain this to me like I’m a two-year old. He couldn’t, which to me meant what he said didn’t make anymore sense to him, than it did to me. I’m proud of the fact (if it’s true) that he won’t hit women, he’s too old to be hitting little girls, even his sister. To get him to stop physically fighting with his sister who he is 13 years older than I had to jack him up and put the fear of meeting GOD, if he didn’t stop. Now some of you may find this cruel, oh well, he was grown and I didn’t consider it sibling rivalry when one of the siblings is an adult. Fortunately we didn’t have to go there, but I meant what I said an apparently he recognized that. I let him know I take protecting ALL my children seriously and I’m not going to risk the safety and well-being for one.

I don’t know what the future hold for any of my children. I do know my younger children seem to have a better grip on reality than my oldest. My oldest in wrapped up in a serious rebellion and is now more of a follower than he has ever been. I’m more concerned about his future now than when he was in school and dealing with peer pressure and other teens. I pray for all my children daily. I pray for them to be individuals, take pride in themselves and to behave as they should at all times. I tell them all the time, act as if I’m watching even when I’m not. More and more prisons are being built and they are filling past capacity with Blacks. Currently we are under a serious spike in female offenders. Prisons all across the U.S. are expanding facilities that house females, because females, girls and grown women, are committing crimes at an astounding rate. I don’t ever want my younger two children to find themselves on the wrong side of the law. My oldest, he was enrolled in college with a Criminal Justice major. Great start, great opportunity. He’s blowing it, due to his rebellion. He’s reducing his opportunities because he want to do things his way. Rules are rules and laws are laws. The rule of life is you can’t do things your way, you couldn’t do things your way as a child and despite having more control of what you do as an adult, what you choose to do, must fall in line with the rules and the laws.

I would like to believe there are more Blacks in college than in jail or prison. According to this photo by the Huffington post in 2010 there were more Black men enrolled in college than those serving time in prison. If my math was right, the difference is just over six hundred thousand. So, in 2010 there was more than six hundred thousand more Black men in college than in prison, that’s a good thing but we can do better. Is there a book on raising successful Black men, if there is the facts stated in it could be challenged. For every successful outcome using one method, the same method would fail for someone else.

Everyone need as much education as possible. Sadly minorities are least likely to pursue it and successfully graduate. This is something we must change. Years ago, yes there were people holding guns to the heads of minorities, preventing them from getting an education. Now the only one holding the gun and blocking educational opportunities is yourself. Force them to build more Colleges and Universities and stop filling their jails and prisons.